WP3: Exploitation and visibility

WP leader: Doc. Dr. Tom Levanič


The WP3 activities will ensure wide recognition of SFI and EUFORINNO, strengthen SFI’s capacity to communicate with stakeholders and end-users, including NGOs, raise awareness of related stakeholders and the wider public of research in forestry, make use of scientific results in a sustainable way through regional and intercontinental networking, and establish an improved publishing centre and good IP management planning.

Description of work activities

The WP3 aims at implementing a series of actions to multiply exploitation possibilities through national workshops, regional and intercontinental exploitation consolidation, improvement of publishing excellence and better IP management.

Within the WP3 the EUFORINNO website will be designed and in order to reinforce visibility, SFI will develop its communication tools.  
SFI will prepare 8 project newsletters with information about secondments and events at home, about the most important results to potential end-users and for announcement of project events.

The national and European dissemination and networking within WP3 will initially be focused on presentation of the project at KEN, EUFORGEN, and COST actions and events. After thirteen months a workshop of national contact points will be organized in Slovenia, and subsequently activities together with chosen contact points for regional and intercontinental opportunity rising will be performed.

Important components of activities in WP3 are innovation and IP management, for which IP and innovation management will be recruited, and the improvement of the publishing centre, for which the technical editor has been recruited (Tina Drolc, B.Sc.).

Impact of WP3

National scale: information is actively disseminated towards forestry management planning (State Forest Service), forestry enterprises, energy and biomass stakeholders, private forest owners, etc, leading to new advisory pilot actions, enabling them to receive news about innovations in forestry and adaptive forest management to mitigate climate change.
  • National scale: competitiveness of forestry enterprises and private nurseries will improve thanks to the quality of the innovative SFI outputs.
  • National and regional scale: when joining the international scientific databases, the main scientific journal will attract the interest of authors from different regions, broaden its readership, and upgrade its peer review system.
  • Global scale: the visibility of the centre will be increased through the website.



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

will be held from 10th to 11th March 2016 at the Slovenian Forestry Institute ...


14. januarja 2016 od 9. do 13. ure v dvorani Slovenske akademije znanosti ...