EUFORINNO – European Forest Research and Innovation (RegPot No. 315982)

The project EUFORINNO – European Forest Research and Innovation – is a coordination and support action within the FP7 Capacities specific programme. It will enable the Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) to increase the scientific excellence and visibility of SFI as an innovative forest research centre.

The vision of SFI is to become the Reference Centre for Central and South-East Europe and a European-wide recognized research institution in the European Forest Research and Innovation Area (EuFoRIA), preserving the ‘biodiversity hotspot’ of Europe.

The Slovenian Forestry Institute is the sole applicant for the EUFORINNO project. However, eight excellent collaborative partners, chosen among most prominent European entities in their respective field of research, are of crucial support for the EUFORINNO project.

Building excellence under EUFORINNO will concentrate on techniques to understand forest functioning, focusing on biodiversity and carbon fluxes, and to quantify the impacts of forest management on biodiversity, carbon storage, and the associated mechanisms that regulate these functions.



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

will be held from 10th to 11th March 2016 at the Slovenian Forestry Institute ...


14. januarja 2016 od 9. do 13. ure v dvorani Slovenske akademije znanosti ...