The overall goal of EUFORINNO is to increase excellence of the Slovenian Forestry Institute by developing the means to understand and quantify the structure and function of forests in Slovenia, to extend the same principles in South-East Europe and on a broader scale, and provide the means and practices for international recognition of SFI as an innovative forest research centre.

EUFORINNO is a combination of actions which will enable SFI to reach its goals. The actions will all aim at rising the scientific excellence and visibility of SFI, on the RID priorities defined.
Divided into 4 RID objectives and 3 supportive transversal non-scientific actions, the project components cover the development of observational and experimental techniques to understand forest function, mainly biodiversity and carbon fluxes, and to quantify the impacts of forest management on biodiversity, carbon fluxes, and the associated mechanisms that regulate these functions. For the achievement of RID objectives, 8 partners will contribute to fulfil the EUFORINNO Action Plan in their recognised outstanding fields of expertise.

The project focuses on filling in the gaps that hinder the overall goal of increasing SFI excellence, identified in 4 RID objectives and 3 supportive transversal non-scientific actions:



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

will be held from 10th to 11th March 2016 at the Slovenian Forestry Institute ...


14. januarja 2016 od 9. do 13. ure v dvorani Slovenske akademije znanosti ...