WP1: Modern laboratory and field stations

WP leader: Robert Robek, M.Sc.


Work package 1 (WP1) consists of upgrading equipment and reorganising laboratories, collections and field research plots for greater efficiency, to better comply with EU standards and address the targeted RID objectives.
It shall increase the capacities of the infrastructural centre of the SFI, which is also led by R. Robek, M.Sc.

Description of work

In 2010/2011 SFI acquired 570 m2 of new space for laboratories, which were ready for the installation of new equipment by mid-2012. The SFI has identified the required pieces of equipment lacking and made a list of equipment needed. This list was proposed and accepted by the Advisory Board of the project. The equipment will be purchased over twelve months, by September 2013.  Through the installation of the new equipment, the existing laboratory will be reorganised and new laboratories will be set up. For every new item of equipment, the person in charge will be designated and the installation and maintenance protocols prepared.

The list of equipment includes the following: motorised stereomicroscope and research microscope with camera and image analysis; microscope with microdissection and computerized sample collection station; PCR workstation with a gradient PCR cycler; IC ion chromatography station; IRMS isotope ratio mass spectrometer; trace gas analyser system; and clean room with walk-in growth chambers, among others.

Impact of WP1 on a regional and global scale

Regional scale: the attractiveness of SFI will increase significantly, since it will acquire equipment not yet existing in Slovenia and will produce innovative outputs supporting growth, competitiveness and cohesive strategies in the South-East Europe RID area.

Global scale: the upgraded SFI research potential will support knowledge-based management of natural resources and halt biodiversity loss.



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

will be held from 10th to 11th March 2016 at the Slovenian Forestry Institute ...


14. januarja 2016 od 9. do 13. ure v dvorani Slovenske akademije znanosti ...