The Slovenian Forest Institute (SFI) is organised around six research departments; each of the departments targets a specific topic:

Forest ecology: encloses research into the status of forest ecosystems and processes taking place within them, especially.

Forest Physiology and Genetics: The work area combines research and professional guidance in forest physiology and genetics, biodiversity and
belowground complexity, conservation of forest genetic resources.

Protection of forests: The main priorities are to determine harmful biotic and abiotic factors, predict their occurrence with application of ecological modelling.

Forest silviculture, yield and dendrochronology: aims at searching into the growth and yield of forests and studying trees and ecosystems’ response to the environmental and climate changes.

Forest engineering and economics: study and implement the innovative approaches of sustainable acquisition and use of renewable forest resources.

Forest management, landscape planning and monitoring: concentrates on guidance of sustainable development of forests and forest landscape.

Research performance

Since 2003, SFI researchers have defended 15 Ph.D. dissertations, and SFI scientists have written 15 books and contributed to around 60 other monographs, published over 240 scientific papers, received 3 patents and 1 European patent. A comprehensive list of personal references can be accessed at, and references and other information on the whole project team at



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

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