CP 9 Lund University, Faculty of Science    (ULund) Sweden            

Lund University is the highest placed comprehensive university in Scandinavia, according to the Times Higher Education 2011/2012 rankings. The faculty of Science at Lund University consists of Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Radiation Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Geology and Max-faculty of Science. Disciplines of the department of Biology are Molecular Ecology Microbial Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Ecology, Biodiversity, Aquatic Ecology, Functional Zoology and Molecular Cell Biology. The University of Lund employs almost 7 000 researches and teachers, and had 47 000 students during 2011.

ULund will support SFI in mycelial and microbial growth and turnover measurements and interpretation:
The cooperation between ULund and SFI started through common COST actions, which resulted in a submission of two common review papers in 2011. The main tasks attributed to ULund within EUFORINNO will be in microbiological characterization of a soil, 14C and 3H isotope incorporation to estimate fungal and microbial growth, and standardization of MS techniques at both institutions.

Short profile of the staff members
Prof. Dr.  HÃ¥kan Wallander is microbial ecologist working on forest ecosystems, long experience with estimations of ectomycorrhizal fungal growth in the field in various forest ecosystems. Studying carbon and nutrient dynamics and environmental change.
Dr. Johannes Rousk is doctor in Microbial Ecology. Experienced in studying interactions between fungi and bacteria in different soil system, covering both forest and agricultural fields.
Dr. Per Bengtson is doctor in Microbial Ecology, Lund University. Experienced in several techniques using stable isotopes in soil systems, including stable isotope probing. Will be responsible for a new mass spectrometer at the Department of Biology that will measure natural abundances of carbon and nitrogen isotopes.



4th EUFORINNO Advisory Board Meeting

will be held from 10th to 11th March 2016 at the Slovenian Forestry Institute ...


14. januarja 2016 od 9. do 13. ure v dvorani Slovenske akademije znanosti ...